Hellinikon former airport, Athens, GR

Urban Development for the former Athens airport site of Hellinikon

Prof. S.N.Pollalis Inc. as chief planner and Hellinikon S.A. CEO (Hellinikon S.A. was the public company for the redevelopment of Hellinikon)

Coastal zone of Athens, Greece

6,200,000 m² (1,500 acres)

Formation of Hellinikon S.A. 2011, Urban Development Model: Master Plan and Business Plan, 2011-2012

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From June 2011 to April 2013, Prof. Pollalis had been appointed the Chairman and CEO of Hellinikon SA, the public corporation for the administration, management and development of the land of former Athens Airport of Hellinikon. Prof. Pollalis’s planning team provided extensive analysis of the site, suggested new land uses and set up the guidelines for a new master plan and business plan.
The site of Hellinikon, the old airport of Athens, is a waterfront property, 8 km southwest of the center of Athens. It is approximately 1,500 acres and has a 3.5 km waterfront, including a marina. For more information visit: http://pollalis-hellinikon.com/wp/