Zulfikarabad City, PK

Conceptual Master Plan for Zulfikarabad City

Prof. S.N.Pollalis Inc. as chief planner in collaboration with Osmani & Company Ltd. and Doxiadis Associates

Thatta District, Pakistan

350,000,000 m² (1,332,352 acres)

Zulfikarabad Development Authority


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Zulfikarabad is located in the south east of Pakistan in the Thatta district, 150 km from Karachi, aiming to become the first mega scale city after Islamabad. Its size is larger than Karachi – the largest city and economic hub in Pakistan. The main challenge is to develop a “new city” not only based on international standards, but also on people needs. After a detailed analysis of the location, the potential climate risks, the site’s hydrography as well as the elements that construct the site’s identity, a risk-based proposal indicates the areas that are suitable for development and those that need to be preserved. The new city has three cores: the main city and two satellite ones that are adjusted to their immediate context’s character and activity.