City of Waters, Edessa, GR

Proposal for a New Students’ Meeting Piazza and the Academic Block’s Atrium

Prof. S.N.Pollalis Inc. and Martha Schwartz as chief planners

Edessa City, Greece

526,091 m² (17 acres)


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The project investigates opportunities for the town of Edessa relative to its socio-spatial role in the larger region, its potential as a tourist destination, and its unique riverine ecology. At a regional scale, the viability of predominantly agrarian small towns is at the center of this investigation. The overall objective is to focus on sustainability, in both environmental and socio-economic terms, and propose resilient development models. Through an extensive analysis and investigation of alternative growth scenarios the project proposes an integrated development plan to the municipality to reposition the area at the regional and metropolitan scales. Mobility enhancement, built environment incentives to attract residence and year-round tourism are some of the strategies proposed.