Administrative City, Sejong, KR

Planning and Urban Design of the Public Administration part (PAT) of the new Multi-Purpose Administrative City (MAC)

Prof. S.N.Pollalis Inc. and Prof. Wooyoung Kimmr

Sejong, South Korea

2,700,000 m²

Multi-functional Administrative City Construction Agency (MACC), the Korea Land Corporation (KLC) with other related supporting organizations and SK Telecom

2006 – 2007

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In Korea, Prof. Spiro Pollalis and his team participated in the international competition for the master plan of the new Public Administration Part of the new Multi-purpose Administrative City (MAC). The area of the future city occupies 2,700,000 m2 and, initially, it aims to have 200,000 and eventually reach 500,000 people. MAC will be developed in stages, with the first stage completed in 2012. The objectives of the design were to create a city at a human scale, with sustainable social and energy features, desirable for people to move in and visit. Also to make it consistent with the concept of the MAC planners, to identity and allow for expandability and transformation, both of the transportation system and the built fabric.