National Library relocation, Athens, GR

Organizational steps for the relocation of the National Library of Greece and proposal for the reuse of the former neo-classical building of 1832

Prof. S.N.Pollalis Inc. as chief consultant

Athens, Greece

Supervisory Council of the National Library of Greece


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The relocation of the National Library of Greece to the new complex in Faliro region outside the city of Athens, was an extremely versatile project. It combined specialized technical requirements with complex administrative procedures, as well as legal and financial issues. At the same time it was a unique opportunity for innovative actions for the upgrading of the institution of the National Library and its former historical building in the center of Athens. Prof. S.N.Pollalis Inc. proposed the following to be implemented:

1. Data collection for both buildings
2. Organization of catalogue – library material
3. Collaboration
4. New building design, equipment and technologies
5. Relocation
6. Reuse of the former building
7. Communication and public reach